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General MMD7NP Moisture Meter, 0 to 53% Softwood, 0 to 35% Hardwood, +/-4 % Accuracy, LCD Display

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    About This Item

    General MMD7NP Moisture Meter, 0 to 53% Softwood, 0 to 35% Hardwood, +/-4 % Accuracy, LCD Display

    Detect moisture
    Protect your work surfaces
    Visual and audible alerts
    Deep reads
    Easy to read and use
    First step in mold prevention

    The MMD7NP pinless moisture meter is your first step in mold prevention. Water and moisture build up in a home can lead to hazardous and unsafe living conditions. By checking suspicious water stains around the house, you can determine whether the area is wet (a perfect breeding ground for mold) or has long since dried. The MMD7NP non-invasive, non-marring moister tester detects potential moisture problems without making pinholes. Its pinless design (using a 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 in pinless pad sensor) is ideal for woodworking, flooring and other applications where it is important to not damage the wood or finished surface. This water leak detector also is helpful for water damage tracing, new home inspections and home restorations where large areas need to be scanned quickly and without harming the wall or floor surfaces. It also ensures the appropriate level of surface dryness before painting, sealing or treating wood or drywall. The moisture meter is easy to use simply slide the pad sensor over the surface of what you are measuring in order to get a read-out. Overall measurement range of 0 to 53% for softwood, 0 to 35% for hardwood and relative readings for wallboard and masonry. The backlit, large, easy-to-read digits and clearly-designed LED alerts tell you immediately if the moisture content is high, medium or low. Plus, the moisture meter has audible out-of-range alarm so you will be able to hear a high moisture alert (>17% for wood, >70% for drywall and masonry) even if you are in a dark or awkward space where you cant see the screen. The sturdy, ergonomic shape and rubber side grips allow for comfort even when using for multiple measurements. Every moisture meter also feature a hold function to freeze a reading to read later, auto power off and a low battery indicator. A 9 V battery is included in every package.

    Unit: CD
    • Accuracy: /-4 %
    • Battery Voltage: 9 V
    • Dimensions: 6.7 x 2.9 x 1.2 in
    • Display Size: 2 in
    • Display Type: LCD
    • Includes: Battery
    • Measuring Range: 0 to 53 Softwood 0 to 35 Hardwood
    • Resolution: /-1 %
    • Sensor Type: Pad
    • Temperature Rating: -32 to 122 deg F
    • Type: Pinless

    Warranty: 1 Year Limited